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Cookie policy


We use cookies on our website, hereinafter the “Website”.


In the Privacy and Cookie Policy, we inform our website visitors how we collect and use information from them through the use of cookies.


We do not collect information that identifies you, unless such information is directly provided to us by you, when you voluntarily contact us by e-mail.


What is a cookie?


A cookie is a tiny element of data stored on the hard drive of the User’s terminal (computer, tablet, smart phone) through a navigation browser when visiting online services. Cookies are widely used by websites. They guarantee their functioning or improve browsing, and also supply certain information – in particular in terms of measure of audience – to the owners of these websites. Cookies set up by the Website can appear when the User registers, to calculate how long the User stays on the confirmation page in order to redirect him to the Website. Cookies can also include information concerning the online preferences of the User and allow adapting the Website to your centers of interest.


Cookies cause no damage to the terminal, but allow some actions more easily, such as finding preferences, to fulfill certain fields in advance, and to adapt the contents of the services of the Website.


How to accept or refuse the use of cookies?


For the management of cookies and your preferences, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in your browser’s help menu, which will let you know how to change your cookie settings. Any changes you make may affect your Internet experience and your access to certain services that require the use of cookies.


You have the possibility to configure your devices to accept all cookies, notify you when a cookie is issued or never accept cookies. However, the latter option may result in some personalized services not being provided and, as a result, you may not be able to take full advantage of all the features offered by the Website.


If you do not wish to receive cookies in general or only wish to refuse certain cookies, you can change your browser settings accordingly.


For Internet Explorer

For Firefox

For Safari

For Chrome

Click here to disable cookies on your computer

For browsers that are not mentioned above, the User will not hesitate to consult the cookie management help available on the website.


How do we use cookies?


Information collected through cookies help us to analyze the use of the Website and to enable the User to benefit from a better experience when visiting the Website.


Which kinds of cookies are on the website?


Functional cookies


The functional cookies enable the Website:

  • to adapt the display of the Website (used language, screen resolution, used operating system, etc.), according to the material and software of reading your terminal contents. These cookies expire at the end of the session;

  • to facilitate researches by storing researches previously made by the User. These cookies will be stored for a 13-month period.


Analytics cookies


We may use analytics cookies to enhance the performance of the Website, by collecting connection data such as date, time, website address, IP address, visited and consulted pages and browser version. We do not share, sell, lease or rent our mailing or customer lists to third parties and do not store them for more than a thirteen-month period. We may use a web analytics service provider that uses related cookies. Although we have no control on web analytics service providers which are the controller of their own processing, nor on collected data even when transferred outside the European Union since such providers are located in the United States of America, we consider it necessary to mention this, in order for you to have clear and full information on such use which may, if any, require your prior consent. For additional information, and provided that such policy is available in your language, please refer to each privacy policy:

Click here to consult Google’s privacy policy.

Click here​ to consult Wix’s data protection policy.

The User can however oppose these various operations by configuring the used browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, by following the instructions, also indicated above, which are supplied for that purpose on the browser’s website. In case of exercise of the right of opposition, we confirm that no connection data will be transmitted to any supplier of analysis of audience tools. Moreover, the User has a right to access to its own data that by contacting the concerned supplier, by specifying the number identifying of the cookie which will be attributed to him/her by the latter.


Social media cookies


Our Website incorporates functionality from third-party sites, including certain social networks. These features may sometimes be accompanied by scripts or other features that read and sometimes place cookies from these social networks on your device. These cookies can be used to personalize advertising messages. Although we have no access to these cookies, nor any control over these social networks which are responsible for their own processing, nor to the data they collect including in the context of a data transfer outside the European Union when some of them are located in the United States, we have consider it necessary to mention this, so you have clear and complete information that their use may, if necessary, require that you give your consent. For additional information, please refer to the list of potential social network cookies below.


Click here to consult Facebook’s privacy policy

Cookies stored by us or by third parties when you visit the Website do not recognize you personally as an individual, but only the device used. Cookies do not store any personal data directly nominative, but simply give information on your navigation so that the terminal can be recognized later.

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